Windows Vista information on MSDN

July 30th, 2005

Here's an interesting article on MSDN outlining security features in Windows Vista.

I think that this sentence sums up the security features in Windows Vista very well indeed:

"Malicious software, or malware, typically runs under the privilege level of the user currently operating the computer and most users run with elevated privileges by default. When you put these together, malware often runs with Administrator privileges. Having all operations take place with the least possible privilege necessary is a primary focus of Windows Vista."

About time too! I don't know how many systems I've seen where all the accounts are admin-level accounts simply because a program won't work properly otherwise (like LiveUpdate on Norton AntiVirus) or because games simply refuse to run on user accounts. Separating the account level from application operations is a very good idea indeed and something that will help to make systems a lot saver.

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