Broadband Speed: The truth will be equal to the lie

March 2nd, 2011

When broadband companies advertise just how fast their broadband is you are likely to discover a range of superlatives from: speedy, superfast to lightning and lightspeed. But in the small print you will find that those words are just advertising fluff - they mean nothing other than to get you to choose their company. The speed you actually get is based upon so many factors - some of which are legitimately beyond the control of the ISP. Nevertheless consumers are duped into buying because they believe they will get the speed that is advertised.

Ofcom is currently addressing the problem and it looks like their solution will be to require advertisements to be based upon Typical Speeds Range or TSR which will give consumers a clearer idea of what speeds they can expect. They have also suggested that the TSR must have equal prominence to any maximum speed that is achievable by a 'material' number of customers.

So will we be seeing ads like this?

TSR Equal prominence

Read more about the speeds and changes to the procedure for fining companies who breach the rules.

Good news for consumers. Let's hope!

- Kathie 🙂 (Hey, what am I? The PC Nurse???)

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