New keyboard shortcuts in Windows 7

March 11th, 2009

I've been using Windows 7 on several of my main systems for a while now and overall I've grown quite attached to it. But with every new OS comes a new learning curve, and one thing that I like to master are the new keyboard shortcuts.

These are the keyboard shortcuts that I find the most useful.

Note: The keyboard shortcuts I describe here will b written in the following format A+B or A+B+C to indicate the two or three keys that need to be pressed to activate the shortcut. The + between the keys should NOT be pressed!

  • WinKey+T - Puts the focus on the Taskbar that either allows you to use cursor keys to move through the options or WinKey+1 through to WinKey+5 to activate the first five Taskbar entries.
  • WinKey+UpArrow and WinKey+DownArrow activate shortcuts for Maximize and Restore/Minimize respectively.
  • WinKey+LeftArrow and WinKey+RightArrow snap the current window to the left or right side of the desktop.
  • WinKey+Shift+LeftArrow and WinKey+Shift+RightArrow moves the current window to the left or right display.
  • WinKey++ and WinKey+- zooms in and out of the desktop. Very handy!
  • WinKey+G displays all gadgets above all windows.


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