Should I install Internet Explorer 8 RC

January 31st, 2009

Question: I read the other day that the Release Candidate of Internet Explorer 8 is out. From what I understand a release candidate is the code that will be finally released. Is is OK for me to install IE8 RC on my main PC?

Release Candidate code certainly has the potential to be what's finally released, but it's important to note that if any serious bugs come to light in the code between now and the release that it's likely that these will be fixed.

That said, I understand that a lot of people will want to download IE8 RC for testing. maybe you want to test your websites, or just to find out how it works. There's nothing wrong with that - I've installed IE8 RC on many systems and not yet hit any snags. If you do hit a snag, it uninstalls easily.

Note: XP users should read this before installing IE8.

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