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June 30th, 2005

I've been testing the service provided by Bloglet for a while now and I'm ready to unleash it on the site.

Basically, Bloglet is a service that allows people to subscribe to a service that allows them to receive daily email updates of all blog entries posted on a site. What that means is that if you subscribe to the Bloglet email for this site (using the form below of the form on the right hand sidebar) you get a daily email containing a digest of all the entries made here.

It seems fast, straight-forward, easy enough and spam-free so I'm happy to make it available and I'd be interested to know what people thing (especially if they think that their email address is being abused because of it - I guarantee that your email address won't be abused by me or anyone associated with me.

I hope you enjoy this service and find it useful!

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