New version of PC Decrapifier

April 30th, 2008

If you get a new PC (especially a notebook ... cough *Toshiba* ... cough *Sony* cough ...) then you're definitely going to need to get your hands on the latest version of PC Decrapifier.

PC DecrapifierPC Decrapifier does one job and it does this job well - it remove programs from new computers running Windows XP or Vista that the makers thought you'd want.  You know, stuff like AOL, Google Toolbar, and trial version of security software such as Norton AntiVirus.  Few people who buy a new PC actually want this stuff (lovingly referred to as craplets) installed on their PCs, but manually uninstalling all of it can be tedious.  This new version PC Decrapifier takes all the strain out of removing this junk and gives you a much cleaner, snappier Windows experience.

PC Decrapifier is a free download so cleaning your PC won't cost you a penny!

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