Apple’s Time Machine backup tool is amazing

October 29th, 2007

Last Friday we picked up our first Mac.  We went for the Mac mini because it's small, doesn't come with peripherals such as keyboards and monitors and it's also pretty cheap.  We picked it up on Friday because it was Leopard's launch day and that gave us a Mac with Tiger installed and a Leopard upgrade disc, allowing us to experience both OSes.

Apple's Time Machine backup tool is amazingWe've been playing with the Mac over the weekend and come to the conclusion that Leopard is a pretty good OS.  One aspect of Leopard that i was very eager to test was Time Machine.  Time Machine is a backup utility that takes the effort out of backing up a system.  I'd heard a lot about this in the run up to Leopard's release but it was hard to separate fact from marketing hyperbole.  I've tried a lot of backup utilities for Windows and find each and every one of them lacking.  The main issues are that the software is complex to use and hits system performance hard when backing up.  I was especially interested in seeing how much of a performance hit there was from running Time Machine on a Mac, especially given that it runs hourly.

The good news is that Time Machine is as close to being the perfect backup utility that I've yet to come across.  Not only is it easy to use (some power users might feel that it's too basic but as long as it does the job I don't care) but the backup process doesn't affect performance in any noticeable way - you can continue to use the system normally while Time Machine is doing its thing.  This is brilliant.

I've put together a few thoughts over on Hardware 2.0, along with an image gallery.  Feel free to take a look.

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