New toys for the PC Doc HQ labs

September 27th, 2007

The other day I picked up a few more new toys for the PC Doc HQ labs.  I'll post more details later but for now I'll just give you the basics.

Motherboard testing switches

Motherboard test switchesIt's really annoying having to plug a motherboard to the case switches in order to be able to test it so I picked up a few sets of motherboard testing switches.  This cheap and cheerful set will make life easier!

This set contains:

  • 1 x power switch 
  • 1 x reset switch 
  • 1 x power LED 
  • 1 x HDD LED 
  • 1 x speaker

LCD PSU tester

PSU testerI've bought a few PSU testers over the years but this one is really cool.  Not only does it test every PSU output, it has a cool and easy to use LCD display.

This tests the following outputs:

  • 24-pin and 20-pin power supplies
  • 4/8-pin connectors
  • PCI-E power adapter
  • HDD connector
  • SATA connector
  • FDD connector

PC screws kit

PC screws kitThis is more convenience than anything.  I have plenty of screws lying about but I thought that buying a few kits which came complete with boxes it would encourage me to keep things organized.

Because I get a shed load of email about PC screws and fittings I'll cover the contents of the box until later.  Stay tuned!

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