AnyDVD HD now with Blu-Ray support

March 5th, 2007

This from the folks at SlySoft:

Not even four weeks have gone by since the release of AnyDVD HD, a software for circumventing the copy protection provision of the new DVD format "HD-DVD". Now SlySoft announces a new version of AnyDVD HD which now also supports the authoritative, SONY-developed Blu-Ray(BD) format. And, by the way, the Blu-Ray related regional codes also get removed.

AnyDVD HD costs 79 USD. An upgrade from AnyDVD to AnyDVD HD is available for 30 USD.

Since the Blu-Ray functions were integrated into AnyDVD HD there will be no separate "BD" version of the software.

Giancarlo Bettini, CEO at SlySoft: "Since it was our firm conviction that the first copyable format would prevail in the end, our original intention was actually to support only HD-DVD. However, since the introduction of AnyDVD HD we have received so many customer inquiries about Blu-Ray that we simply couldn't close our eyes to this wish."

James Wong, an AnyDVD developer:"SONY will see this with a mixed bag of sentiments. On the one hand, Blu-Ray is now equally copyable and on the other hand the market share deck of cards gets reshuffled".


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