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Can you wear a TENS pain relief unit while using a computer?

I suffer from chronic bad back but I find that wearing a [tag]TENS[/tag] unit helps me get through the day.  However a friend of mine said that is was bad of use a TENS unit while using a PC.  Is this true?

This is one of the strangest questions I’ve been asked, and to be honest I had no idea as to the answer.  However, since I had access to a TENS unit I decided, in true Mythbusters style, to give it a go and see what happened.

My guess was that the TENS unit would have no effect on a PC so I wasn’t worried about damaging my PC.  I wore a TENS unit for several hours and carried out a variety of PC-related tasks on both a desktop system and a notebook – I typed at the keyboard, plugged and unplugged USB drives, handled external hard drives, plugged devices into a variety of ports. 


TENS seems to have no effect on a PC whatsoever and I’d have no hesitation is using a PC while wearing one.  I wouldn’t go inside the PC and start handling components because of the increased risk of ESD (something I plan on testing at some point in the future!), bit other than that, my belief is that it’s fine to wear a TENS unit and use a PC.  This is backed up by your experience too since you’ve been using a PC while wearing a TENS unit and didn’t mention having any problems.