Problems with BitDefender Internet Security V10

October 4th, 2006

Over at the PC Doc HQ we've started running more BitDefender security products but we've started seeing a few problems with [tag]BitDefender Internet Security[/tag] V10.

Here's the deal ... basically the system seems a lot slower than normal.  Even simple things like saving a new file takes a lot longer than it did previously (oddly enough, amending a file doesn't seem slow).  What's more annoying is how long it takes to access files and folders on other machines.  Accessing network resources used to be almost instantaneous but now it's taking 30 seconds or so.  This problem exists on two separate PCs and is making them almost unusable.

We've conformed that this is a problem with [tag]BitDefender[/tag] Internet Security V10 - uninstalling it or disabling real time file scanning fixes the problem (but it's far from an ideal solution).

We've given up trying to solve this problem ourselves and passed it on to the BitDefender support team - I'll keep you posted as to how this works out.


Here's a summary of the problems we're seeing:

  • Slow access to networked drives (very slow - slower than erosion)
  • Deleting files to the Recycle Bin is also very slow
  • Moving files between PCs running BitDefender always results in a copy being made (the file being moved is not deleted)
  • Now here's the really weird bug - I'll let Kathie explain this one to you:
    "If you've got 2 PCs "A" and "B" both running BitDefender and you try to *move* a file from "A" to "B" (assuming you're using "B")  it will only allow you to make a copy (eg it will not delete the copy on "A").  Now disable Real Time Protection on "B" and try again.  This time it will move the file from "A" to "B" (and correctly delete "A"'s copy).  Reasoning that this is somehow a feature of BitDefender, rather than a bug, how come it functions to prevent the file being deleted from the *other* PC?  (eg. doing it the other way round and switching off Real Time Protection on "A" still only makes a copy onto "B", if you're using "B" with it switched on. Ergo can't be a feature, must be a bug!)"

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