GPS “snooper” clothing

May 31st, 2005

I like technology but there are times when I think that technology goes too far and gives people the capabilities to do things that perhaps they shouldn't be able to do. This is what I call the dark side of technology.

Here's the latest example of such "dark" technology - forget-me-not panties. These are GPS-equipped clothing that can track the wearer. Not only do these garments contain a GPS tracker/transmitter but they also monitor their heart rate and body temperature of the wearer and can plot movements on an online map.

Not only are there huge ethical and moral considerations with making such spying and tracking capabilities available to the general public (personally, I can't help but feel that this is technology aimed at weirdos, and if you don't feel that this kind of technology is wrong, how would you feel about others collecting such data about you - maybe someone already is!), there are huge privacy issues revolving around who would have access to the data collected. Remember, if you have access to the data, then others do too!

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