Don’t Buy Draft N

April 25th, 2006

Glenn Fleishman is adamant that we don't by Draft N [tag]WiFi[/tag] gear:

I am going to make myself extremely unpopular this morning by suggesting that no one buy so-called Draft N Wi-Fi gear that is pouring into the market: Buffalo and D-Link say they’ve been shipping wireless equipment based on the current draft of [tag]802.11n[/tag], the higher-speed cousin to existing [tag]Wi-Fi[/tag], for at least two weeks. Linksys entered the fray today with a new router and PC Card. Other manufacturers who have not yet announced will follow in May and June. And it’s a bad idea.

I'm in total agreement.  Until 802.11n is finalized anyone buying in at the cutting edge could end up with an expensive paperweight in a few months.

Take a deep breath, realize that you don't need to be at the bleeding edge of technology and save your money and buy in a few months time.

(via Ed Bott)

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