Here’s why you should be careful of online storage

March 31st, 2006

Everyone's alway on about free stuff that they can get online.  Many of the services that are available are excellent but some cannot and should not be relied on.  Online storage is one.  We're shifting more and more of our data onto computers that are outside of out control (email is one example, photos is another).  Here's an example of why you shouldn't rely on these services:

An Eastman Kodak Co. manager claims she was fired for protesting a cost-saving proposal that would have quietly compressed millions of digital images stored by customers on the world's leading online photography site.

While acknowledging it has discussed ways to cut back on the rising cost of online storage, Kodak insisted Thursday it would never condense images in a lower-resolution format -- and thereby potentially diminish their quality -- ``without our customers' knowledge.''

The article seems to suggest that [tag]Kodak[/tag] wanted to cut costs by compressing the 800 million or so images that they are hosting for about 13 million users.  Problem is, compressing the images cuts the quality.

Now for anyone who has a backup, this wouldn't be a problem.  The online images would be inferior to the backups but that wouldn't be so bad.  The problem comes when the online copy is the only copy.  Any alteration made to the online copy is permanent.

My advice is simple - make use of online services all you want but don't rely on them.  Have a backup that you can lay your hand on!  Nothing feels as good as having a backup!

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