Windows Defender is a pretty robust application!

March 3rd, 2006

I was reading Suzi Turner's latest post about Windows Defender.  In this she highlights some of the problems that she faces as a spyware researcher with regards to Windows Defender – for example, it required Windows XP SP2 and the way that it updates the scan definitions automatically.  From a researcher’s point of view, these are hindrances.

However, looking at these from the other side of the fence, from the perspective of the average user, these features are great and go a long way to protecting their PC from Internet nasties.  The requirement for SP2 is very wise and background updating is far better than the clumsy system that Microsoft AntiSpyware used.

I can see that once Windows Defender is combined with Windows Vista, the levels of security that the Windows user experiences will be better than they have ever experience before.

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