Homage to the LED

April 16th, 2005

"LED lamps were unthinkable until the technology cleared a major hurdle just a dozen years ago. Since then, LEDs have evolved quickly and are being adapted for many uses, including pool illumination and reading lights, as evidenced at the Lightfair trade show here this week."
USA Today

And that hurdle was producing white light, although to be honest, LEDs were doing pretty well before that. Take a look around your home or office and I guarantee you that you'll find loads - in your PC, on your keyboard, optical mice and so on. Video recorders, DVD players, stereos (not forgetting the remote controls that have IR emitting diodes) all contain LEDs.

Anyone with an LED flashlight will know how energy efficient they are. I have an early 4-LED flashlight made by Longlight which I got in late 1999 and has only had one change of batteries in that time. And I use it a lot - being of all plastic construction it it ideal for working inside a PC as it's not going to short anything out and it pretty lightweight so minimizes the risk of impact damage to components. If you don't already own an LED flashlight then I'd recommend you get one and while you're at it get a couple of sets of rechargeable NiMH (Nickle Metal Hydride) batteries and a good charger - just in reduced battery costs alone you'll save the cost of the flashlight and batteries in a year or two.

Long live the LED!

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