More on 2.0 bloat

November 2nd, 2005

George Ou's latest installment on 2.0 bloat is interesting.  According to Stephen Shankland Google is donating a couple of programmers to the task of making 2.0 faster (blasting away any notion from some quarters that there isn't a problem with the program).

I'm skeptical that this will help.  Part of the problem with the current offering from is how Java fits into the picture.  Sun, the main backer of the project, is unlikely to allow Java to have a lesser input into the project and removing Java because of performance issues would be a major blow to Sun.

The other reason I'm skeptical is that if this is just Google donating a few thousand lines of code, it's unlikely to solve the problem as performance issues seem to be a problem across the board in this new version and a few patches here and there are unlikely to solve the problems.  These kinds of problems generally mean a major rewrite.

Overall, I'm surprised that OpenOffice didn't see this coming earlier - performance issues should have been apparent during testing and the fact that this product was released with such issues is somewhat worrying - maybe they had a fixed idea as to the kind of work people used it for and tested based on that rather than the demands that many seem to be putting the software under.

Either way, it's a good thing to see Google contributing to the project.  It might be better for all concerned if Google took a more prominent role over Sun but this is unlikely to happen either as OpenOffice is Sun's Microsoft basher!

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