Million Dollar Homepage – there are better ways to spend your ad money

October 11th, 2005

You probably heard of the [tag]Million Dollar Homepage[/tag] – set you by a guy trying to pay for college.  The idea is simple – he has 1,000,000 pixels in an image to sell and you buy a small block (minimum purchase 10 x 10 pixels = $100).

It’s a simple idea but is also sounds like a good idea, especially given the huge publicity that it initially generated.  But it seems that as a long-term investment it wasn’t all that clever.  So so thinks Yaro Starak (link via Problogger).

Low levels of traffic from this kind of venture doesn’t surprise me at all – after all, a 10 x 10 ad (or even a 100 x 100 ad, costing $1,000) just gets lost on the page in a sea of junk.  The site has appeal for a while but who’s going to bother to keep on visiting (other than people who’ve bought ad space to check up on it)?

Yaro’s conclusion – “content is king”.

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