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This section is for additional information and late-breaking support material for the book. I'll be adding new content that I think will be of interest to the readers of the book on a regular basis, so you might want to add this to your favorites list so you can visit again.

Important note for Linux users!
Contrary to some early draft cover photos of the book that appear in online catalogs, "The PC Doctor's Fix It Yourself Guide" does NOT cover Linux or Palm OS devices. Sorry for any confusion.

You will find additional information that will be useful in caring for your PC in the PC Care section of my website, where you will find pages covering PC repair, troubleshooting and much more. Please feel free to have a look around - there is lots of useful information there. The site is updated regularly so I hope you'll drop-by often. >> Go!

You also might like to consider joining the "Caring for your PC" course at Barnes & Noble University!


        -- Adrian W. Kingsley-Hughes

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