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About the Book

Fix, maintain, and upgrade your PC and install software and peripherals with help from this easy-to-use guide.

Inside, you'll find the money-saving tips and fix-it-yourself safety rules you need to take good care of your PC. Learn how to interpret error messages, trouble-shoot common problems, and resolve performance issues. Plus, get handy checklists throughout the book to help you with ongoing maintenance. This step-by-step resource empowers you with the knowledge and skills you need to keep your PC running smoothly.

  • Learn the anatomy of your PC
  • Maintain your file system
  • Upgrade your PC
  • Add memory, components, devices & more
  • Protect your PC from viruses, worms, hackers, & other threats
  • Troubleshoot & back-up your hard drive
  • Take advantage of CD & DVD storage capacity
  • Network PCs together to share Internet connection, printer, hard drives & more
  • Connect devices to your PC using expansion cards & ports
  • Get a better Internet connection & speed up your browsing

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