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Part I Overview
1 What’s What—the Anatomy of a PC
2 Files and Folders
3 Improving on Perfection
4 Safe Computing
5 Helping Yourself
6 What You Need to Fix-It-Yourself—and Stay Safe

Part 2 The Details: The Hardware
7 PC Case and the Power Supply
8 Motherboard, RAM, CPU, and BIOS
9 Hard Drives and Floppy Drives
10 Other Data Storage Devices
11 Monitors and Graphics Adapters
12 Expansion Cards
13 Networking
14 Connections
15 Input Devices

Part III The Details: Software and Data
16 File System Care
17 Backup
18 Improving Performance and Stability
19 Making More of the Internet

Part IV Appendixes
A Glossary of Common PC Terms &              Abbreviations
B Websites
C Tools
D Common File Extensions

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