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Your Questions

Is this book like all the other PC repair books on the market?
No! Most books are compilation of common problems that people have. Why bother with a book like that when most, if not all, of the problems listed have been gleaned from newsgroups and the Internet. And what about all the people who don't have the prescribed "normal" problems? Should they just go away? No! This book offer practical advice but along with that educated and empowered the reader to find their own solutions to problems. Software and hardware moves on but problem solving techniques remain much the same.

I'm a beginner. Is this book going to be too advanced for me?
No. This book contains tips and advice that even total beginners can make use of. If you can switch your PC on, you are advanced enough to make use of this book!

I'm not a beginner - isn't this book just going to tell me what I already know?
Well, some of it will certainly be familiar to you but the book contains a lot of information gathered through years of working with people and their PCs. Also, the book has practical advice on problem solving that is found nowhere else.   >>More

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