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Want to learn how to build a PC?

Want to learn how to build for yourself the ultimate custom PC but you're worried that you'll buy the wrong parts of get stuck when assembling them and end up with a pile of useless components? We guarantee you that it's a lot easier than you think it is and that you'll save money and have a lot of fun along the way!

In "Build the Ultimate Custom PC" we'll take you through the entire PC building process starting by guiding you through selecting the right parts though the saftey aspects of building a PC, how all the parts fit together and how to test the system, troubleshoot any problems and install the operating system for the first time.

Remember you don't need to be a "geek" or a "techie" to build your own PC! With simple step-by-step instructions and an 8-page color insert we'll show how anyone can build a PC - you don't even need to have looked inside a PC before.

So, save money, save tech support hassles and get the PC that YOU want - order a copy of "Build the Ultimate Custom PC" today and start building the PC that YOU want now!

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