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Part I: Choosing Components for Your PC.
Chapter 1: Staying Safe.
Chapter 2: Choosing the Tools You Need.
Chapter 3: Choosing a Suitable Case and Power Supply.
Chapter 4: Choosing a CPU and Motherboard.
Chapter 5: Choosing the Right RAM.
Chapter 6: Choosing Hard Drives and Floppy Drives.
Chapter 7: Choosing CD/DVD Drives.
Chapter 8: Choosing Video Adaptors and Monitors.
Chapter 9: Choosing Sound Capability.
Chapter 10: A Tour of Cables and Fittings.
Chapter 11: Checking and Testing Components.

Part II: Building Your PC.
Chapter 12: Top 10 Things You Donít Want to Forget before You Begin the Build!
Chapter 13: Assembling the Case and Fitting the PSU.
Chapter 14: Fitting the Basic Parts.
Chapter 15: Adding Storage.

Part III: Starting and Testing Your PC.
Chapter 16: Fire Up and Burn In.
Chapter 17: Final Tweaks and Installing Windows XP.
Chapter 18: Check & Test Again!
Chapter 19: Everything You Need to Know about Warranties and Beyond.

Part IV: Appendices.
Appendix A: Useful Websites.
Appendix B: Checklist.
Appendix C: Hardware Manufacturers.
Appendix D: Glossary.

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