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About the Book

Want to build your very own PC but you're not sure where to start? Can't tell the difference between RAM and CPU? Don't know the difference between an AGP, PCI and PCI-Express slot? No problem! Pick up a copy of "Build the Ultimate Custom PC".

Inside you'll find easy to follow information on all aspects of building your PC, from choosing the parts you need, finding the best place to buy parts from, keeping parts safe before fitting them in your PC, step-by-step guide to assembling the parts, troubleshooting and finally installing an operating system on your PC and bringing it back to life.

With "Build the Ultimate Custom PC" you'll never be left wondering what to do next each step is covered in detail, safety is at the top of the list always and no matter whether you've building a budget PC or a super high-end PC, "Build the Ultimate Custom PC" is the only book you'll need!

Why buy the book? We can think of six good reasons:

  1. Industry-standard knowledge made digestible for the home PC builder
  2. Clear, no-nonsense instructions - The reader is never left floundering at any stage
  3. Safety first no short-cuts when it comes to the safety of the reader or components (we don't like to lose readers!)
  4. Detailed close-up photography and an 8 page four color insert!
  5. Extensive troubleshooting and diagnostic procedures listed
  6. Industry "secrets" and "how the pros do it" - tips, tricks, modifications, tweaks, and advice

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