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Your Questions

Isn't building a PC difficult?
No, it isn't! Thehardest part is making sure that you get the right parts for the type of PC you want to build and we cover that in a lot of details. After that we look at what each of the components do and what how they fit together to make a working PC.

Is it dangerous?
No, but we'll make sure that you're safe the whole way by making safety our #1 concern!

Do I need specialist tools?
No. All you really need is a few screwdrivers. If you don't have the tools already a basic tool kit should cost you around $5.

Will it take me a long time?
The part that will take you longest is the shopping! Once you have that youre looking at a job that will take you a few hours, no more.

What about warranty?
We'll outline your warranty options and show you why building youw own PC actually gives you a better warranty than if you bought a store PC!

Is there a PC Doctor in the house?