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Are floppy drive locks any good?

November 3rd, 2005
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There are numerous products on the market that allow you to lock a PC to something or lock an aspect of the PC (such as the floppy drive) to prevent unauthorized tampering.

But are they any good?

In a word, no.  A while back a story broke all over the web that the kind of locks that are used in these products can be opened with a pen ...

I decided to give it a go with this Kensington floppy drive lock:

Take the insides out of the pen ...

Shove the pen into the lock hole:

Twist - and pop!

Since it's rubbish anyway I though I may as well take it apart!  First, I split the plastic casing (dead easy plastic to break as well).

The lock now simply pops out!

A small spring clip keeps the lock together - time to remove that!

This exposes the lock mechanism and all the pins.  These spring-loaded pins are what locks/unlocks the mechanism.  The key presses them down far enough so the thick part of the pin is pushed below notches in the lock mechanism.

Here are the pins:

And here are the notches in the lock mechanism.

Here is a single pin assembly:

Here is the pin separated from the spring:

And here is the assembly that holds all the pins in place.  This assembly turns inside the outer casing that has the notches on the inside shown above.

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