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Two A Day doesn’t like my Apple coverage - well boo-hoo

June 20th, 2007

Whoever's behind the Two a Day  blog doesn't like my coverage of Apple over on ZDNet  (well, not just my coverage, but I'm speaking for me here).  Here are some thoughts I have about the post:

  • First off, what do I care what some anonymous person with a blog thinks.
  • Apple is a multi-billion dollar company, I'm sure they'll live.
  • My 11 posts gave you the basis for one post.  You're welcome.
  • How long did it take you to filter out the positive stuff I wrote?  Does the reality distortion field you live under do that automatically?
  • If you don't like opinion, find somewhere that doesn't allow that sort of thing.
  • Come on.  Be honest, you were hoping someone at ZDNet would link to you (here's your link ).
  • I might not agree with you, but I defend your right to your opinion.
  • If you want an iPhone, buy one and enjoy it.

Oh, and this is so funny that I can't resist:

... even if you agree 100% with these guys, it must be pretty depressing to hang around with people who see the glass as not just half full but the water is full of chemicals and the glass must be dirty.

No dude, the glass is half full, but I bet there's arsenic in it.

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