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Why the Windows Vista has to be more conservative that Mac OS X

September 16th, 2006
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Robert McLaws's post about why the Windows Vista interface has to be more conservative that Mac OS X  seems logical enough to me:

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: OS X can afford to take creative liberties with it's OS' visual stylings because a) most of its users are right-brained creative types that value visual appearance over usefulness, b) its userbase is so small that drastic changes only have minimal overall impact, and c) even fewer businesses rely on Macs, so the retraining issues there are minimal as well.

I agree.  The interface is only a small part of operating system.  There are other issues to contend with - for example, security, robustness, broad support for applications and hardware.  It's not just about how something looks. 

That wobbly screen and cubed desktop that XGL has that Chris Pirillo  seemed to like is OK (I've tried it), but the "cool" factor wears off in about five minutes and after about ten minutes is becomes annoying.

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