9: Blog tip – Using blogs as a learning tool

August 18th, 2005

This is a phrase that I firmly believe in when it comes to learning:

Tell me, and I shall forget.
Show me, and I may remember.
But involve me, and I shall understand!

Nowadays a lot of people learn via the web and it's hard for those people to become active involved in the learning process - they read and then they do and there's little opportunity for interaction or involvement.

This is where I think blogging is great. I love it when I come across a blog where someone is documenting the learning that they did in order to do something or in order to make something. I feel when reading it that I have a real connection with the author of the blog. I also know of students who have blogged about their learning in a particular area and they tell me that the process of setting the tasks out in their own words and in their own way helps cement the learning. Take it a stage further and add photos and they really have a chance to concentrate on the particular thing that they are learning and becoming far more deeply involved than they would by just following a set of instructions.

"Doing" blogs are also a real pleasure to read. Because the person has just been through the process of doing whatever it is they are documenting all the steps are clear and fresh in their minds and they can also pass on hints and tips to help others. Another thing I love reading is the unique insight that people have when they encounter problems - people learn so much from encountering problems and figuring out how to solve them and they have to be admired for taking the time to pass on this knowledge in their blogs and for having the confidence to do so.

Another cool thing about "learning" blogs is that learning is a lifelong process and so you will always have plenty to talk about! You learn something, blog about it and learn so more (or just get a better grasp of the concepts, either way, it's free learning), you pass on that knowledge to others and hopefully they choose to share what they learned or discovered while on the journey of learning - everyone's a winner! And you can also be guaranteed of the fact that if you took the time to learn something, others will want to learn it too - so you'll have no shortage of visits!

When “Build the Ultimate Custom PC? hits the shelves nothing would please me more than to see and read blogs that were written about people's experiences during the building process - it would be a real jazz for me as an author to have that level of interaction with the readers. Having the opportunity to share in their highs and lows would be brilliant and something I look forward to!

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