8: Blog tip – Develop a “Constant Reader”

August 17th, 2005

There are a couple of advantages to being a writer/author before you begin blogging (there are a number of downsides too, such as expecting that all your dodgy spelling and foggy sentences will be cleared up in the edit stage!) and one of these advantages is that after a book or two the writer develops a sense of the reader in their mind and writes with that person in mind. I borrow the term "Constant Reader" from Stephen King (maybe he borrowed it from someone else, who knows) to describe this mind's eye view of the reader. "Constant Reader" varies from book to book but I resist the urge to change my view of her/him in mid book.

I've found that being able to conjure up this image of "Constant Reader" helps me get in the right frame when I'm writing and lets me settle down into a style. Yes, that style varies slightly over time and my image of "Constant Reader" changes a little the more contact I get in terms of feedback but I try not to alter that image too much based on feedback because if people are coming to read my stuff and seem to be coming back daily or weekly then they must like the way I talk to them and don't want me to change. It's also a good way to weather any bad or negative comments ... remember the readership that keeps coming back! If people keep on coming back, you're doing something right!

Because I write for a number of outlets I have developed a different "Reader" for each one and to be honest I feel that without having this fixed in my head I'd find it much harder to write. Write as though you are having a conversation between you and them and

So, my tip for today is for you to develop a mental image of your "Constant Reader". Picture the kind of person you want to visit and read your blog (or book, or website, or anything else for that matter) and write with that fictitious person in mind. That way the people that stick around are hopefully going to resemble your "Constant Reader" and be "that sort of person". Negative comments and nonconstructive feedback obviously comes from "other people"!).

Of course, tweak that over time but don't change direction too radically too quickly as this will put people off.

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