6: Blog tip – Vary your content!

August 13th, 2005

One of the things that I do in this blog that people seem to especially like is vary the kind of content that I post over the course of a day or week.

I'm aware that the readership of the PC Doctor blog is varied and I like to keep the content constantly changing to make sure that there's always something that's of interested to everyone - during a day I like to try to combine posts on tech current affairs, tips, hardware issues and security, along with a smattering of humor and sometimes a little random stuff.

If I post too much on a single topic during a day or a week even I tend to think that the blog tends to taste a little too much like beans when I look back on it. In the early days I noticed that this would result in a fall off of readership - not something that a fledgling blog wants to see!

Variety is the spice of life and blogging! Not only is it good for your readers, it's good for you as a blogger keep the content lively. It's also good from a point of getting traffic in from search engines - the more diverse you are, the more routes people have to get to you.

Oh, an finally, it's good because you get a broader set of ads for your pages!

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