5: Blog tip – Site search, calendars and search term hilite

August 12th, 2005

Because of the amount of content that can get posted on a blog it's important to have a good site search facility so that visitors not only find the content that's on the front page but they can also find stuff that you might have posted months of even years earlier.

I use WordPress here and another modification I did which others find useful was to install and activate a plugin called Search Hilite (some details here) that automatically highlights search terms used in the text of the page - dead handy for those surfing here from Google, Yahoo or even using the search facility provided by WordPress. This way, people in a hurry (and who isn't!) can find what they were looking for fast on the page.

I also find that people use the calendar a lot to navigate - I tend to post every day but I still find that people use the calendar to navigate - so back it went. It takes up some screen space but it's useful so it can stay!

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