1: Blog tip – Make sure you have enough to say!

August 6th, 2005

In the sea of blog and blogging tips out there this must rank as one that kinda comes across as obvious but it's one that I think is important. I hear a lot of talk about niche markets and laser-specific websites and blogs but the one thing that strikes me about many of these kinds of blogs is that after a while the content becomes diluted and weak because there's only so much to say (or only so much that the blogger can say) on that particular topic. It might have seemed like a great topic is theory but after 500 posts of so no matter how niche it is, if the well runs dry the well runs dry. Niche markets can vanish but it's far more likely that the content runs out for one reason or another well before that happens.

Before I started this blog I thought long and hard about it, not only to make sure that I have the time in my day and space in my schedule to post stuff to it every day (and for a while now I have!) but to make sure that I felt that I had enough to say (and remember that I'd already written a number of book in the fields I cover here and also been teaching and consulting for many more years. Still I wondered if I had enough to say (especially in the bite-sized format of a blog ... writing a self-contained book is one thing, stand-alone snippets are in some way harder).

So, my advice to anyone planning a blog is to make sure you have plenty to say. Plan ahead a few months and outline subjects and topics that you plan to cover and use news and tidbits as filler for days when you feel you want to be quiet or when you're too busy to post much ... you don't want to be the comedian or magician on stage when the jokes or tricks run out!

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