DDR – One module to two?

July 26th, 2005

You want to put say 512 Mb or RAM in your system. What's the best way to do that? One 512 Mb RAM module or two 256 Mb modules? (Let's assume that your PC has three banks or slots and can take a total of 3 Gb of RAM.)

It depends!

For speed the best option is to install two modules. This allows the motherboard to direct work along two data channels, thereby increasing data bandwidth. That will make transfers to and from memory faster. If speed is important to you then you should spread RAM across two or more banks.

However, there's more considerations. You're now adding 512 Mb or RAM to a system that can take 3 Gb but once you've added two modules you might only have room for one more (some boards only come with two banks). This means that future upgrades may mean that you have to chuck away modules - a waste of money in the long run!

Think carefully about RAM. Currently RAM prices are very low and you might benefit from getting more RAM that you initially plan on. So, if you planned on 512 Mb, get 1 Gb. Whether you get this as one module or two is up to you but bear in mind how much RAM you system will take in total and the long-term cost of chucking some modules away during a future upgrade.

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