Taking apart a Maxtor OneTouch II external hard drive

July 14th, 2005

As you might have read, I am the proud owner of a Maxtor OneTouch II external hard drive that's got memory problems (it lost the data). Being a USB/FireWire device it was hard to get data recovery tools to work on it so I decided to void the warranty and open it up and get the drive out (hard drive warranty is a complex thing and external drives more so - basically manufacturers won't recover the data for you but if you try to do it yourself then you void the warranty (they will seem to let you send it to some places but that's a complicated route and denies me an opportunity to play!). I photographed the taking apart and I'll share the images here because some of you might find it interesting.

Here we go ...

This is the rear of the drive - the bit I need to open to get into it (see the two Phillips screws either side).
Back of drive

Close up of one of the screws.
Closeup of screw

Back place removed successfully (the screws seems to have some form of thread locking compound on them and were tight so I needed a well-fitting screwdriver to prevent chewing the ends.
back plate removed

Now I've slid out the drive carrier. This was tight in place and I used a pair of needle-nosed pliers to pull on it carefully.
Drive carrier removed

Close up of the inner workings of the drive. It's a standard Maxtor DiamondMax parallel ATA drive in there.
Inside the external drive

The drives is attached to the carrier using screws through rubber bushes to protect it against vibration.
Drive fittings

These copper tabs earth the drive to the outer chassis.
Earthing point

Earth clip just slides off (not hard to put back on either!).
Earth clip removed

Different view of the fitting connecting the drive to the carrier.
Drive fitting - different view

Front panel switch and LED assembly. No need to remove this.
Switch/LED assembly

Undoing the fittings. This was easy to do because no thread locking compound was used.
Undoing the fittings

After removing all the screws holding the drive to the carriage it was time to life the drive away from the carriage. This gave me room to undo the cabling.
Removing drive

Removing the cables - these were tight and extra care had to be taken not to damage anything.
Removing cables

Job done! Now on to recovering the data! I'll cover that later 😉

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