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Dymo tape woes

Sometimes I'm overtaken with the urge to be tidy. One such example of this wildly errant behavior is when I decided to label the USB cables coming from my storage and input devices with my Dymo tape labeller.

A while ago I switched from the paper tape to the plastic variety, the idea being that this stuff would be more durable. It is. But then I hit a snag.

I like to roll the tape against itself for cables, and create a tie of sorts. This works well with the paper tape, but the plastic variety doesn't seem to want to stick to itself. It slowly unsticks and I once again find my cables unlabeled.

The solution: Add a drop of superglue/crazy glue/cyanoacrylate to the tape. After unsticking myself from a USB 3.0 cable following a slight 'incident' I was pretty pleased with the job.