The two best Surface Pro 3 features, and one big worry

May 20th, 2014

Here's what I think are the two best Surface Pro 3 features:

  • It's only 9.1 mm thick, the thinnest Intel Core product on the market today.
Surface Pro 3

(Source: Microsoft)

  • The full-friction kickstand. It apparently too Microsoft three year to develop this hinge.
Surface Pro 3

(Source: Microsoft)

My worry is heat.

The top-end Surface Pro 3 features a Core i7 processor, and even at the lower end Microsoft felt it necessary to not go with a fanless design and pop a fan into the Surface Pro 3. I worry that this tablet is going to run warm. OK, not warm, but hot. Too hot.

Consumers aren't used to a sizzling tablet belching out  fiery air from vents. Microsoft demoed Photoshop running on this, but I know how hot my Mac gets running that app, and that's certainly too hot to hold comfortably.

I hope Microsoft has got the thermals worked out on this.

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