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My portable storage solutions

Can we – or at any rate, I – ever have 'enough' storage? I don't think so.

My renewed – and somewhat vigorous – interest in photography has put pressure on my storage needs. This is amplified by the fact that I use my retina display MacBook Pro for processing. While the machine is super fast and can churn through the toughest Photoshop tasks, its 256GB SSD (solid state drive) quickly became pretty cramped.

The best solution was to shift my photos – fortunately I have them stored in Adobe Lightroom, so the job was easy – to an external drive.

Actually, I use two external drives. Well, three if you count the NAS (Network Accessible Storage) box back at the PC Doc HQ, but I'll leave that out of the equation for now. I carry two because I have one that acts as primary storage, and another that I use to back up the first to, so my photos are in at least two places at any one time.

The first drive is a small, pocket-sized 2Tb Western Digital My Passport drive. This is essentially a notebook drive in a USB 2.0/3.0 compatible housing. The drive draws power from the USB port so there's no adapter to work about, and means I can use it when I'm on the road.

USB 3.0 support means that this is blazing fast when used on USB 3.0 ports, such as those found on the MacBook Pro.

The second drive is a Seagate STBV3000200 3Tb desktop drive. This is a full-sized drive, which means it needs a separate power supply, but this is fine because I use this when I'm back in civilization. This again is USB 3.0-cpmpatible, which means that it is super fast, and the 3Tb of storage is ideal for my needs at present.

I use two drives because I know that hard drives can fail, and I've gone with two different brands because I want to limit my exposure to a bad batch of drives. So far these drives have been with me when I'm out and about and they seem to be putting up with the hard life quite well. That said, I also back up my photos to my NAS box, and I put my best up on cloud storage for safe keeping.