IE 9 Where did the Search Box go?

March 31st, 2011

Hi, Kathie here.

Well if you've installed IE9 you may have noticed that your search box has gone. This is because in IE9 the search box has gone! 🙂 Instead you will see a rather small search icon in the address bar.

If, like me, you had searching from the address bar disabled in IE8, this will all seem rather confusing however because no such little search icon appears when you upgrade to IE9.

In this circumstance re-enabling search from the address bar is not straight forward either as that option has also moved. (It used to be under Tools | Internet Options | Advanced.) In IE9 however it has moved to Tools | Internet Options | General | Search. Check the "Search in the address bar" box.

Hey presto you can now search again!

- Kathie 🙂 (Hey, what am I? The PC Nurse???)

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