Chrome extensions, task manager

March 31st, 2011

Hi, Kathie here.

I installed Tea and Kittens extension for Chrome a little while ago (which blocks The Daily Mail's website). Very funny and cute - every time you follow a link to go to that newspaper instead it shows you a random picture of a cup of tea and a cute kitten pic. That was great except my tea consumption went up threefold. And sometimes I do actually need to read the news on that website, so how to go about uninstalling the extension? I looked in the options for Chrome but couldn't find it anywhere. Here's how:

In the address bar type the following:


You can then disable and uninstall it from there.

(If you want to be certain it's not running type in
and you can see the memory allocation.)

Chrome is handy in that you can see a very useful task manager by right clicking in the blank bit above the address bar and choosing task manager. This can be usuful if you have a tab that is misbehaving as you can end the process on that tab.

- Kathie 🙂 (Hey, what am I? The PC Nurse???)

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