Driver Sweeper causes problems with Windows 7 SP1 installation

January 24th, 2011

Use Windows 7? Run Driver Sweeper on the system? Having problems now installing Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (seeing Error code 0x800f0826)? Here's a possible solution:

  • Download Driver Sweeper 2.8.5 here.
  • Go to the Backup item in the menu.
  • The latest removed driver will be automatically selected in the drop down, if this is not the item with the entries below you need to locate these by browsing through the items.
    One (or all) of the following parts should be in the list:
    • *.manifest
    • *FileRepository*
    • *winsxs*
  • Click on the Restore button and Driver Sweeper will restore the files and directories. This can take a while, don't close the application before you get a notification that the backup is restored.
  • Restart your system and you are done!

Might work, saving you from a reinstall ... or it might not ...

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