Happy Purchase – Griffin iTrip for iPhone

August 26th, 2010

I already own a Griffin iTrip FM transmitter for my old iPod, but when I connected this up to my iPhone it suffered from annoying, and sometime deafening, howls of interference unless the handset was in airplane mode.

So I had two choices - live with the howling or buy a new FM transmitter.

I bought a new FM transmitter, and since I'd previously been so impressed by the iTrip, I bought an updated iTrip from Amazon.

Griffin iTrip FM Transmitter

There are several things that I like about this FM transmitter:

  • First, no howls. Maybe the sound quality isn't as good as a Bluetooth connection, and it does involve having to set up the iPhone and the radio, but it works and overall sound quality is more than acceptable.
  • I can control the transmitter either from the physical buttons or using the app that you are prompted to install.
  • I can fit the iTrip onto the iPhone without having to remove the case it's in (in my case a Switcheasy Rebel).
  • SmartScan technology makes finding a quiet patch in the FM spectrum easy.

Very happy with my new iTrip!

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