My favorite iPhone apps

July 16th, 2010

I've now been ad iPhone owner for a few months, and in that time one of the questions I get asked the most often is "What's your favorite app?" Well, I don't have a single favorite apps, but I do have a set of favorite apps.


Let's begin with my favorite games!

  • Plants vs. Zombies - There's zombies, and you use plants to defend your home. It doesn't make a lot of sense but it's a lot of fun. Link
  • Cat Physics - There are cats, and you have to pass a ball from one to the other by making use of in-game physics. Again, it sounds odd, but it's entertaining. Link
  • Angry Birds - You fire birds at pigs lining in houses made of wood and glass. Again, the premise makes no frickin' sense, but the game is a lot of fun. Link

Office apps

I don't just use my iPhone to play games on. I use it for work too!

  • Pocket Informant - A great calendar tool that integrates with my Google Calendar. It also integrates Getting Things Done methodology. Helps me keep organized! Link
  • Documents to Go - A great app that allows me to work with Word, Excel and Powerpoint files when on the move. Integrates with MobileMe iDisk. Link
  • Air Sharing Pro - A great way to view and move documents when on the go. Duplicates some functionality of Documents to Go but adds the ability to share files over WiFi with other systems (including iPhone and iPad) as well as support for ZIP and PDF files. Link


I've taken more photos with my iPhone than with my digital camera this year. Two useful apps are:

  • NightCamera - Let's you take great night photos! Link
  • Pano - Creat stunning panoramas easily. Link

Other apps worth a mention

  • Osfoora - Best in class Twitter client. Link
  • Pzizz Sleep and Energize - For keeping me going! Link & Link




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