Beware of rogue game mods

February 7th, 2009

One of the perks of playing PC games as opposed to gaming on a console is that you can extend the life of your game through the use of mod packs and add-ons. Games such as Crysis have had their lifespan extended dramatically thanks to a large and well-organized modding community. However, be aware that not all modders are filled with good intentions!

Take for example a modder that went by the name of Xpro132 on the Stream forum. This person was claiming to have tools that gave players access to cool new content in the game Left 4 Dead, but what the people installing these tools got instead was nasty malware.

Fortunately, malware attacks life this are both rare and short-lived since it's not long before forum members become wise to what's going on, but by then quite a bit of damage has been done.

My tips for safer game mod downloads are as follows:

  • Download mods from reputable sites and forums only - these are generally well policed by moderators and do-badders are usually shown the door quickly.
  • Spend time getting to know the modding community before downloading. Find out the people who are known for previously making good mods.
  • Be cautious of newbies making extravagant promises!
  • Let other people download mods first and provide feedback ... I hate to say it but good security sometimes involved finding a greater fool willing to take a risk.
  • Scan everything with a good antivirus scanner. Additionally, send a copy of the file to Virustotal for a thorough scan.
  • If in doubt, don't download and install a mod.

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