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Change display language of non Ultimate and Enterprise Vista editions

Have you bought a desktop or notebook PC running Vista Home Basic, Home Premium or Business and want to change the display language? Microsoft wants you to buy Vista Ultimate (or Enterprise, but that's a little more complex) to do this simple thing, but here's a way to do it for free - using Vistalizator.

Here's the deal. If you're running Vista Ultimate you can install Microsoft's Vista language packs as part of the Ultimate Extras and switch between different languages. If you're running Home Basic or Home Premium then you're stuck with the one language. This is a really annoying limitation.


Vistalizator makes the job simple. You download the app, download the language pack you want (available on the download page), work your way through a few simple steps and in a few minutes you've changed the language of your system!

If you are feeling ambitious you can actually create installation media in the language that you want.

Note that all this goes way outside of what's supported by Microsoft and if things go wrong, you are on your own!