iTunes 8 made my CD/DVD drives disappear!!!

September 10th, 2008

Following my post earlier about iTunes 8 and possible BSODs under Windows Vista, and Ed Bott's fine forensic analysis of what the iTunes 8 installer is getting up to, I opened up my ZDNet mailbag to find eight emails from readers who claim that iTunes 8 made their CD/DVD drive disappear.

While I'm still working on the BSOD issue, I've come across this CD/DVD drive disappearing business before. It relates to UpperFilters and LowerFilters registry entries and fortunately it's easily fixable as long as you are willing to go delving into the Windows registry (full instructions on how to carry out this procedure can be found on the Microsoft support website).

Beware - It is possible that that doing this will kill the CD/DVD burning capability on iTunes until it is reinstalled (or an updated version is released).

As to iTunes and the BSOD under Windows Vista, I've now received over two dozen emails relating to this problem. So far I've managed to piece together some factors that might contribute to the crash:

  • Having Roxio disc burning software installed
  • Having an HP USB printer connected
  • Having Logitech software/hardware installed

I'll keep you posted!

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