NYT rumor – Microsoft is negotiating to buy Claria

June 30th, 2005

Hmmmm. Claria. Let's think, what are they now?

OK, they have a few products which basically consist of pop-up ads, targeted ads, adware programs, market research and a few other things.

What makes Microsoft interested in Claria? Dunno. This could just be nothing more than a rumor (it was first reported in the NYT ...) and a week from now we could all have forgotten about it.

Some analysis - I really can't see Microsoft being interested in ads and pop-ups (if they are they can kiss goodbye to OneCase security service and there would be wild claims that their AntiSpyware would turn a blind eye to spyware from Claria). Anyway, they spotted pop-ups on MSN a long time ago. As Ed Bott says, Claria would be a "toxic acquisition" for Microsoft and their PR department would have to work overtime smoothing the waves. I agree, and I can't see them rocking the boat in that direction because of that.

I really can't see anything that Claria has that's worth the rumored $500 million ... Microsoft is eager to catch Google in the search and targeted ads market but are they that desperate? Another possibility - Microsoft wants to do everyone a favor and rid the world of Claria "services".

My money's on this being no more than a rumor.

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