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Catalyst 8.8 woes

The other day ATI released Catalyst 8.8 drivers for its range of GPUs. These might work for you but I had to roll my system back to the earlier version to get it stable again.

I usually download and install the latest ATI drivers as soon as they are released, and normally I never look back. I either see a performance boost (which makes me happy), or I don't notice anything at all (which also makes me happy). This time around I encountered several issues that forced me to roll back to 8.7. Specifically:

I can replicate these issues on different systems.

On rolling back to 8.7 everything returned to normal. I even completely wiped all traces of the ATI driver from my system and reinstalled 8.8 in case of corruption but that didn't help. There's something bad about these drivers. I'll see what 8.9 are like next month.

Rolling back ATI Catalyst drivers

ATI make is simple for you to roll back to a previous version of Catalyst if you're experiencing problems. Here's how.

  1. Fire up Windows Explorer.
  2. Navigate to C:\ATI\SUPPORT
  3. Inside that folder you'll see one or more folder names. You only need to worry about the numbers at the beginning (such as 8-8 and 8-7).
  4. Inside the folder of the newest driver you've installed (which you can tell because it'll be the largest number) you'll find a file called Setup.exe. Run it.
  5. Go through the wizard and choose to uninstall the drivers.
  6. When the uninstall is complete, reboot.
  7. When the system is back up navigate to Navigate to C:\ATI\SUPPORT again and choose the folder containing the previous driver you had installed (go by the numbers).
  8. Inside the folder you'll again find a file called Setup.exe. Run this.
  9. Install the driver.
  10. Reboot.

You'll now be back to using the previously installed drivers and hopefully things will return back to normal.