Need a good reason to learn to take care of your own PC? Here’s one!

August 7th, 2008

Need a good reason to learn to take care of your own PC? Here's one:

Marisel Garcia is one of eight or nine women in the Gainesville, Florida who is a victim of a Webcam Spy Hacker voyeurism scandal, orchestrated by Craig Feigin.

Craig Feigin, a computer programmer, worked on Marisel Garcia's computer to fix her laptop. When she got her machine back from Feigin, it had a slew of other problems so she brought it to another area repair man. One of the new problems was that the computer's built-in camera light came on every time she was near the machine.

When Marisel Garcia got her computer back, she learned that Craig Feigin had installed a program called Webcam Spy Hacker that was using her computer's camera to take pictures of her and send them to a Web server. Apparently Feigin had 20,000 photos of Garcia and her friends, in some of which Garcia was not fully clothed.

This is just one example of why you can't trust someone else to take care of your PC. I've come across so many dodgy scams (parts stolen, overcharging for work, claiming to have done XYZ when it's clearly not the case) and weird goings-on (snooping through files, passwords, etc) that I simply wouldn't trust anyone else to fix my PC. Also, don't be fooled into thinking that:

  • a) This kind of stuff doesn't happen that often, it does (maybe it's not as bad as this cam stunt, but lesser things, such as snooping through files, is incredibly common)
  • b) You're safe if you take your PC to a "Big name" (no, you're not)

With a notebook you are usually stuffed but at the very least if you do have to send the system back you should be allowed to keep the hard disk (unless the issue is software related, or hard disk related, in which case you are better off fixing the problem yourself). Alternatively, clone the hard disk and securely wipe it and reload the OS.

Trust no one ...

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